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French temporary furnished insurance

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XL Insurance is 15 years of market experience of affinity insurance. Our model works in B to B to C. We offer our partners insurance solutions for their customers who need insurance punctually for a specific need.
Www.assurances-temporaires.com on its platform you will find the insurance for short periods or long periods in many areas of insurance.

Temporary expatriates
Term impatriates
French furnished insurance
Temporary Auto & Car Without License
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XL Insurance would first success on exclusive contracts with leading insurance companies, also because it is the first ranking on leading internet (1 Natural Positioning on search engines ) and finally on solid and lasting partnerships.


Who are our clients?

Foreign Students / CROUS / Schools...


Any person in professional mission

Seniors visiting

Artists & Production Companies


French furnished insurance :

  • Online subscription
  • Receiving documents by email
  • Insurance only for the desired time


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